Saint Peter Lutheran Church - Pine Island

Land was purchased for a church on 11 February 1898. St. Peter Lutheran Church was incorporated on 5 June 1901 by Volga German immigrants from Yagodnaya Polyana who had settled nearby Pine Island.

In 1912, some members left St. Peter's to form St. Paul Congregational Church and built a new building about half a mile away on Little Brooklyn Road.

The orignal St. Peter's church building burned down on Christmas Eve of 1917 and the present edifice was erected in 1918. A large fellowship hall and Sunday School rooms were added in 1968.

The church cemetery is located just over a mile from the church on Little York Road.


70 Little York Road
PO Box 147
Warwick, New York 10090
Telephone: 845.258.4541
Pastors & Priests: 

St. Peter Lutheran Church has been served by the following pastors:

C. George Kaestner (1901-?)
George Ziemendorf
Phillip N. Sallach
Travis Yee (2008-2015)
Tim Anderson (2015-2019)
Christopher Grant (2020-)

- Warwick Historical Papers, Vol. 6, Part 2 (reprint from Warwick Valley Dispatch)

St. Peter Lutheran Church
Pine Island, New York
Source: Richard Cunningham