St. John Lutheran Church - Russell

St. John Lutheran Church was founded by Volga German families in 1900. They met in the Baptist Church on 13 May 1900 to discuss forming a parish.

The first service was held on 10 June 1900 in a local Congregational Church. Subsequent worship services were held in the Baptist Church until a new building could be constructed. It was dedicated on 12 May 1901.

By 1927, the congregation had outgrown its building. The old church was torn down and a new one dedicated on 11 March 1928.


425 N. Main
Russell, KS 67665
Telephone: 785.483.5358
Pastors & Priests: 

The following pastors have served the congregation of St. John's:

Gustav Mueller (1900-1902)
R. Schimmelpfennig (1902-1904)
A. Menneoch (1904-1906)
Paul J. Toerne (1906-1908)
Pastor Wellhausen (1908-1911)
William Harder (1911-1918)
Victor Pietzko (1919-1920)
F. A. Ollendorf (1920-1925)
F. Bahr (1926-1928)
J. N. Marxen (1928-1934)
C. Rautenstraus (1934-1940)
Ernest H. Thomas (1940-1948)
Theodore H. Althof (1948-1954)
Otto A. Matthias (1956-1962)
R. G. Sedo (1963-1970)
Ernest Pihl (1970-1974)
Herman Frerichs (1974-1984)
Robert G. Lundgren (1985-1989)
Michael Fibranz (1991-2000)
Stephen Pera, asst. (1992-1994)
Henry J. Hartman, asst. (1995-2000)
Henry J. Hartman, senior (2000-2005)
Harlan Kaden (2001-2003)
Roger Dennis (2006-)

- St. John's History (church website)

History of St. John's Lutheran Church in Russell.
Article from the 29 January 1914 issue of the Russell Record.

St. John Lutheran Church, Russell, Kansas.

St. John Lutheran Sanctuary, Russell, Kansas.

1951 Confirmation Class of St. John Lutheran Church in Russell, Kansas.
Source: Ruth Pickering.

Combined (1964 & 1965) confirmation class of St. John Lutheran Church in Russell, Kansas.
Source: Larry Dumler.