St. John's Lutheran Church - Laurel

The history of St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church dates back to 10 February 1913, when a group of German Lutherans met in the home of George Miller to organize a congregation. The Rev. Henry T. Rauh of Billings was present, and he served the congregation of 15 for several months.
St. John's first church was built at 402 Durland Ave. in 1914. A new facilty was dedicated on 30 August 1959 at 417 W. Ninth Street in Laurel.

Pastors & Priests: 

The congregation of St. Paul's has been served by the following pastors:

Henry T. Rauh
Henry Meyer (1913-1917)
Henry Vomhof (1917-1947)
Martin Juengel (1947-1950)
Albert Siebert (1950-1962)
Henry Fry (1962-1969)
Leonard V. Harms (1969-1983)
Richard A. Boehnke (1984-1992)
Arlo Pullmann (1992-)

St. John's has also been served by the following vicars:

Barklie Johnson (1967-1968)
Richard Hardel (1968-1969)
Orlando Trier (1969-1970)
Robert Schaedel (1970-1971)
Bob Vasek (1971-1972)
Thomas Bowers (1972-1973)
Armond Schoof (1978-1979)
Jeffrey Teeple (2001-2002)
Timothy Daub (2002-2003)