St. Paul's Lutheran Church - Park City

The first Lutheran worship service in Park City was held on 28 August 1907, under the guidance of Rev. Henry T. Rauh, a traveling missionary. The service was attended by 34 adults. Rev. Rauh continued to serve Park City Lutherans for the next six years, visiting the community about once each month, meeting in the Methodist Church, in homes, or in the school house.
In 1912, Park City's Lutheran community decided to form its own congregation. On 13 March 1913, 11 men met at Johann Kober's house and signed a constitution that officially created St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church in Park City. Services were held on the Kober farm until a permanent home, a white clapboard landmark on the corner of First St. SW and Third Ave. South, was constructed and a full-time pastor was installed. Rev. Albert Zetzer was called and his carpentry skills led the construction of the building which was dedicated on 11 April 1915.

Pastors & Priests: 

The congregation of St. Paul's has been served by the following pastors:

Henry T. Rauh (1907-1913)
Albert Zetzer (1912-1918)
Gotthold Elbert (1918-1919)
George Walz (1920-1930)
R. F. Cordes (1930-1934)
Ludwig Reimler (1934-1935)
John E. Simon (1936-1941)
August Bachanz (1941-1951)
Luther Russert (1952-1953)
Maynard Hilgendorf (1955-1960)
Gerald Meyer (1960-1965)
Henry Fry (1965-1969)
Leonard Harms (1970-1972, 1979)
Norbert Lehenbauer (1973-1976)
Ronald Hues (1977-1978)
Armond D. Schoof (1979-1993)
John Michael Donnan (1994-1999)
Doug Thompson(1999-)

The congregation of St. Paul's also was served by the following vicars:

Albert Pullmann (1951-1952)
Raymond Eckhoff (1952-1953)
Maynard Hilgendorf (1953-1954)
Armon Melchert (1954-1955)
Barklie Johnson (1967-1968)
Richard Hardel (1968-1969)
Orlando Trier (1969-1970)
Robert Schaedel (1970-1971)
Bobby Vasek (1971-1972)
Thomas Bowers (1972-1973)
Armond Schoof (1978-1979)