Zion Lutheran Church - Endicott

Zion Lutheran Church was originally located northeast of Endicott. The congregation later moved into the town of Endicott.


SW Corner of Section 11
Township 17 N, Range 41 E
Whitman Co., Washington

Pastors & Priests: 

The Zion Lutheran congregation was served by the following pastors:

Julius Duchow
Marcus Duchow

- Sally Duchow.


- Zion Lutheran Cemetery (findagrave.com)
- Zion Lutheran Cemetery (Washington State Archives - Digital Library)

Zion Lutheran Church in rural Whitman Co., Washington, northeast of Endicott.
Source: Sally Duchow.

1910 Map of Whitman Co., Wash., showing the location of Zion
in the southwest corner of Section 11.
Source: Washington State University Libraries.

Zion Lutheran Cemetery northeast of Endicott.
Source: Maggie Rail (2006).