Cascada, Coronel Suárez Partido, Buenos Aires Province

Includes the following communities: 

A train station was established at Cascada on 2 November 1910, inaugurating the first settlement of the area.

Although there were once about 1,400 people living in Cascada, today it is mostly a ghost town. The church and school are still active, but most other buildings in this rural community are abandoned.

Volga German Congregations: 

A Roman Catholic church was built in Cascada.

Volga German Families: 

The following Volga German families are known to have settled in Cascada:

Betzler from Hölzel
Brendel from Preuss
Christiani from Dehler
Duckart from Husaren
Dumrauf from Hölzel
Fuhr from Dehler
Graf from Volmer
Hall from Preuss
Hipperdinger from Hölzel
Hoffmann from Hölzel
Karp from Preuss
Nowak from Kamenka
Redel from Hölzel
Rekovsky from Semenovka
Sommer from Pfeifer
Stoessel from Dehler
Weth from Brabander


- Obituaries published in Argentinisches Volksfreund

Pre-Volga Origin

Catholic Church in Cascada
Source: Elsa Alday.

Sign for Cascada
Source: Claudia Lorena Stoessel.

Ruins of Volga German home in Cascada
Source: Claudia Lorena Stoessel.

Volga Colonies