San Miguel Arcángel, Adolfo Alsina Partido, Buenos Aires Province

Includes the following communities: 
Colonía San Miguel Arcángel
San Miguel Arcángel
San Miguel de Gascón
San Miguel de Gazcón

San Miguel Arcángel was founded by 15 Volga German families in the Adolfo Alsina Partido of Buenos Aires Province on 29 September 1903. The neighboring area of Esteban Agustín Gascón was officially founded when the railroad station was established there on 15 April 1907 and the families living in the surrounding rural areas there often combined the two names into San Miguel de Gazcón. Volga German families continued to move into the area from other locations in Argentina.       

San Miguel Arcángel was founded the following men and their families:

Jakob (Jacobo) Bahl
Johann (Juan) Baier
Heinrich (Enrique) Balle
Nikolaus (Nicolás) Beratz
Johann (Juan) Brendel
Peter (Pedro) Fuhr
Nikolaus (Nicolás) Haspert
Andreas (Andrés) Kees
Johann (Juan) Kees
Michael (Miguel) Kees
Georg (Jorge) Kreder
Nikolaus (Nicolás) Leonhardt
Johann (Juan) Rausch
Lorenz (Lorenzo) Stegman
Mattias (Matías) Zwenger

Volga German Congregations: 

A Roman Catholic church dedicated to San Miguel Arcángel (Saint Michael the Archangel) was constructed in the colony.

Volga German Families: 

The following Volga German families are known to have settled in San Miguel Arcángel:

Bahl from Kamenka
Baier / Bayer from Kamenka
Balle from Preuss
Bär from Kamenka
Bartel from Brabander
Bäumler from Seelmann
Beit from Hildmann
Beratz from Göbel
Berger from Schuck
Bernhardt from Mariental
Brendel from Preuss
Conradi from Pfeifer
Denk from Preuss
Dötzel from Volmer
Durban from Hölzel
Förster from Kamenka
Frank from Hölzel
Freiberger from Köhler
Fritz from Preuss
Fuhr from Dehler
Gallinger from Hildmann
Geist from Hildmann
Gerling from Marienfeld
Gette / Götte from Semenovka
Gottfried from Hildmann
Günther from Dehler
Hammerschmidt from Dehler
Haspert from Köhler
Hergenröther from Pfeifer
Holzsäumer from Hildmann
Hutt from Pfeifer
Jacob from Pfeifer
Jungblut from Preuss
Kamlowski from Husaren
Kees from Göbel
Kehler from Köhler
Kinderknecht from Mariental
Kissner from Pfeifer
Klock from Preuss
Kloster from Semenovka
Kroneberger from Dehler
Krüger from Göbel
Kühn from Kamenka
Kühn from Semenovka
Maier / Mayer from Kamenka
Martel from Dehler
Martinevsky from Hildmann
Masson from Dehler
Mellinger from Kamenka
Minor from Preuss
Pascal from Rothammel
Petz from Dehler
Prediger from Köhler
Prost from Volmer
Rau from Seelmann
Rausch from Semenovka & Marienberg
Redel from Hölzel
Reser from Kamenka
Ringelmann from Kamenka & Göbel
Rohwein from Kamenka
Roth from Kamenka
Ruppel from Dehler
Safenreiter from Preuss
Sauer from Volmer
Schroeder from Husaren
Schroh from Volmer
Schulmeister from Kamenka
Simon from Kamenka
Stadler from Kamenka
Stang from Volmer
Stegmann from Göbel
Stössel from Dehler
Waimann / Weimann from Kamenka
Waimann / Weimann from Streckerau
Weber from Preuss
Zimmermann from Seelmann
Zorn from Köhler
Zwenger from Husaren & Volmer

Notable Individuals: 

- Obituaries published in Argentinisches Volksfreund

Pre-Volga Origin

San Miguel Arcángel
Source: Jorgelina Fischer

Map indicating the locations of the first settlers of San Miguel Arcángel.
Source: Jorgelina Fischer.

Catholic church in San Miguel Arcángel.

Interior of the Catholic church in San Miguel Arcángel (2008).
Source: Gerardo Waimann.

Plaque honoring the founders of San Miguel Arcángel.
Source: Gerardo Waimann.

Directional signs in San Miguel Arcángel.
Source: Gerardo Waimann.

Volga Colonies

Latitude: 50.026000
Longitude: 7.681650
Latitude: 49.692988
Longitude: 10.997752
Latitude: 49.758889
Longitude: 9.982778
Latitude: 50.399722
Longitude: 9.422778
Latitude: 45.947200
Longitude: 4.430600
Latitude: 49.866667
Longitude: 9.800000
Latitude: 55.191667
Longitude: 30.205556
Latitude: 50.457570
Longitude: 8.124594
Latitude: 43.494700
Longitude: -0.500000
Latitude: 52.400000
Longitude: 16.916667
Latitude: 49.833300
Longitude: 6.283300
Latitude: 51.212778
Longitude: 11.769722
Latitude: 49.444722
Longitude: 7.768889
Latitude: 50.252222
Longitude: 9.322222
Latitude: 50.252222
Longitude: 9.322222
Latitude: 49.982778
Longitude: 8.303056
Latitude: 49.719722
Longitude: 11.058056
Latitude: 49.442778
Longitude: 6.360278
Latitude: 49.488889
Longitude: 8.469167
Latitude: 50.730833
Longitude: 9.001111
Latitude: 49.805556
Longitude: 10.981110
Latitude: 50.147809
Longitude: 8.383737
Latitude: 49.116667
Longitude: 7.566667
Latitude: 50.182222
Longitude: 8.542500
Latitude: 50.437500
Longitude: 7.825833
Latitude: 50.137778
Longitude: 8.449722
Latitude: 50.300000
Longitude: 8.266667
Latitude: 49.966660
Longitude: 9.150000
Latitude: 49.966660
Longitude: 9.150000
Latitude: 49.966660
Longitude: 9.150000
Latitude: 49.966660
Longitude: 9.150000
Latitude: 49.966660
Longitude: 9.150000
Latitude: 52.516667
Longitude: 13.388889
Latitude: 50.474167
Longitude: 7.795278
Latitude: 50.244241
Longitude: 8.430290
Latitude: 50.054638
Longitude: 8.933961
Latitude: 49.611389
Longitude: 8.650000
Latitude: 49.704444
Longitude: 8.248056
Latitude: 49.196733
Longitude: 7.142494
Latitude: 49.618062
Longitude: 9.594612
Latitude: 50.903333
Longitude: 7.509167
Latitude: 49.750000
Longitude: 8.483333
Latitude: 49.845996
Longitude: 8.791401
Latitude: 49.808639
Longitude: 7.963158