San Juan, Departamento Gualeguaychú, Entre Ríos Province

Includes the following communities: 
Aldea San Juan
San Juan

Several newly arrived Volga German families in Entre Ríos Province were invited by a German diplomat, Johannes Spangenberg, to buy his land in Pehuajo Norte where he had an "estancia" (hacienda or large farm) with his brother Jacob. On this land called "Campos Floridos" (Flowery Prairies) three new villages were founded on 27 February 1889: San Antonio, Santa Celia, and San Juan.

There were 18 Volga German families who founded San Juan:

(1) Johannes Mohr (age 55) from Bauer and his wife Elisabeth? Stieben with their 3 sons: Karl, Georg Jakob, Heinrich
(2) Georg Heinrich Mohr from Bauer and his wife Barbara Stieben with their 5 sons: Georg Heinrich, Johann Jakob, Philipp, Adolph, and Johannes
(3) Johannes Mohr from Bauer and his wife Anna Wagner with their son: Friedrich
(4) Johannes Wagner (age 50, born in Bauer) from Neu-Bauer, widower with his 3 children: Johann Georg, Maria Katharina, and Elisabeth
(5) Philipp Wagner (age 40) from Neu-Bauer and his wife Katharina Elisabeth with their 3 daughters: Eva, Katharina, Barbara
(6) Johannes Schlund (age 40) from Neu-Bauer and his wife Eva Christine Stieben with their 4 children: Eva, Johannes, Eva Christine, and Amalia
(7) Valentin Müller (age 50) from Neu-Bauer, widow with his 3 children: Johannes, Elizabeth, and Valentin
(8) Johannes Müller (age 40) from Neu-Bauer and his wife Eva Pfister with their 7 children: Eva, Katharina Elisabeth, Anna Elisabeth, Johannes, Georg Jakob, Johann Georg, Valentin and 4 stepchildren: Johannes, Eva, Johann Georg, and Elisabeth Stieben
(9) Daniel Wagner (age 30) from Friedenfeld and his wife Eva Elizabeth Boss with their 2 children: Johannes and Katharina Elisabeth
(10) Kaspar Müller (age 45, born in Reinwald in 1844) from Weizenfeld, widower with his 8 children: Peter, Philipp, Katharina, David, Regina, Maria Elisabeth, Heinrich, and Kaspar
(11) Heinrich Müller (age 30) from Weizenfeld and his wife Elisabeth Liebrecht with their sons: Heinrich, David, and Christoph
(12) Gottlieb Arnst from Weizenfeld and his wife Christine Diener with their 3 sons: Elisabeth, Anna, and Ludwig
(13) David Weber (age 33) from Weizenfeld, married
(14) Gottfried Weber from Weizenfeld, single
(15) Johann Christian Hornus (age 33) from Reinwald and his wife Christine Wolf with their 7 children: Johann Christian, Heinrich, Kaspar, Friedrich, Regina, Elisabeth, and Rosa
(16) Christian Friedrich Hornus (age 30) from Reinwald and his wife Barbara Sack with their 7 children: Philipp, Johann Georg, Alexander, Katharina, Elisabeth, Pauline, and Rosa
(17) Jakob Bruns (age 30) from Merkel and his wife Louise Klein with their son: Jakob
(18) Johann Georg Stürtz from Stephan and his wife with their 4 sons: Johann Georg, Johann Friedrich, Heinrich Christian, and Johannes

There were also 8 Volga German families who had first moved to the German colonies in the Russian Caucasus before immigrating to Argentina:

(1) Karl Hornus (age 27) and his wife Kinzel with their 3 sons: Karl, Friedrich, and Heinrich
(2) Friedrich Hornus
(3) Jakob Preuss (age 45), married with 4 children: Heinrich, Peter, Jakob, and Maria Elisabeth
(4) Heinrich Scheibel, married
(5) Johann Georg Scheibel, single
(6) Johannes? Weberling married with his son: Johann Georg
(7) Adam Hill and his wife Fink with their 2 sons: Johann Georg and Lorenz
(8) Heinrich Heinzenröder (age 33) and his wife Anna Maria Sitzmann with their son: Johannes

Volga German Congregations: 

What today is known as the Iglesia Evangelica Luterana Argentina, with its roots affiliated with the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod in the U.S.A., traces its foundation in November 1905 to San Juan colony.

In October 2010, the Lutheran Church in San Juan celebrated its 100th anniversary with over 1,500 people in attendance.

Volga German Families: 

The following Volga German families settled in and around San Juan:

Arnst from Weizenfeld
Bruns from Merkel
Dorsch from Wiesenmüller
Fritzler from Stephan
Gerk from Josefstal
Hornus from Reinwald
Mohr from Bauer
Müller from Neu-Bauer
Schlund from Neu-Bauer
Stürtz from Stephan
Wagner from Neu-Bauer
Weber from Weizenfeld


- Los 100 años de la congregación en la Aldea San Juan (Congregación San Lucas, Banfield)

Pre-Volga Origin

San Juan Lutheran Church (1955)
Source: Fabian Zubia.

Children of San Juan Lutheran Church (1955).
Source: Fabian Zubia.

Men of San Juan Lutheran Church (1955)
Source: Fabian Zubia.

San Juan Lutheran Church Centennial Celebration (2010).
Source: Horacio Fritzler.

The family of Elisabeth (née Fries) and Heinrich Müller in 1925. Elisabeth's mother (Elisabeth Wagner) is listed in the left hand column with her father (4) Johannes Wagner.
Source: grandson Alejandro Müller.

Georg Jakob Friess family (1902). Georg Jakob Friess was one of the original founders of San Juan colony.
Source: Alejandro Müller.

Kaspar Müller and relatives in 1908. Kaspar Müller was one of the orignal founders of San Juan colony.
Source: Alejandro Müller.

Entrance to San Juan.
Source: Lorena Schultheis.

Volga Colonies

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