Imbituva, Imbituva Municipality, Paraná

Includes the following communities: 
Santo Antônio do Imbituva

Imbituva is both a town and a municipality in the Brazilian State of Paraná. It was originally founded in 1871. In 1881, the town was given the name Santo Antônio do Imbituva (St. Anthony of Imbituva). In 1929, the shortened name of Imbituva was adopted. Volga German Lutherans settled in this area.

Volga German Congregations: 

In 1892, the Igreja Lutherana de Imbituva (Lutheran Church of Imbituva) was founded by Volga German families. The first pastor, Johannes Dehmlow (wife: Christina Ulrich), served this parish from 1895-1905. He was followed by pastors from the Associação Evangélica de Comunidades which covered the Brazilian States of Santa Catarina and Paraná. Since 1943, this congregation has been affiliated with the IELB (Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Brasil). The congregational name today is Comunidade Evangélica Luterana Ressurreição de Imbituva (Resurrection Evangelical Lutheran Church of Imbituva).

Volga German Families: 

The following Volga German families are known to have settled in Imbituva:

Filp from Katharinenstadt
Löffler from Kaneau
Neuwirth from Rosenheim
Scheidt from Rosenheim
Schneider from Rosenheim


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Pre-Volga Origin