Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton is the capital of the Canadian Province of Alberta. It was founded as Fort Edmonton, an outpost of the Hudson's Bay Company in 1795.

Volga German families settled in and around Edmonton.

Volga German Families: 

The following Volga German families settled in and around Edmonton:

Befus from Yagodnaya Polyana
Beutel from Yagodnaya Polyana
Deines from Norka
Dick from Norka
Dieterle from Dobrinka
Fritzler from Grimm
Gerk from Josefstal
Gerlitz from Yagodnaya Polyana
Giebelhaus from Norka
Green from Norka
Gross from Kraft
Hartung from Norka
Helzer from Norka
Hergert from Yagodnaya Polyana
Hildermann from Holstein
Köhler / Kaylor from Norka
Konschuh from Yagodnaya Polyana
Leinweber from Yagodnaya Polyana
Litzenberger from Yagodnaya Polyana
Luft from Yagodnaya Polyana
Lust from Yagodnaya Polyana
Morasch from Yagodnaya Polyana
Pauli from Norka
Pfaffenroth / Poffenroth from Yagodnaya
Reiber from Kolb
Rexius from Kraft
Schauermann / Scheuermann from Yagodnaya Polyana
Schiffner from Walter
Schmunk from Wiesenmüller
Schneidmiller from Yagodnaya Polyana
Schreiner from Kraft
Schwindt from Norka
Temple from Kraft
Wittman from Wiesenmüller

Pre-Volga Origin

Edmonton Skyline.
Source: Wikipedia Commons.

Volga Colonies

Latitude: 50.650000
Longitude: 11.366667
Latitude: 50.591111
Longitude: 9.504444
Latitude: 49.000278
Longitude: 8.810833
Latitude: 51.108056
Longitude: 10.646667
Latitude: 50.369667
Longitude: 9.037025
Latitude: 50.417664
Longitude: 9.098934
Latitude: 50.655278
Longitude: 9.260278
Latitude: 50.310305
Longitude: 9.090287
Latitude: 50.385278
Longitude: 9.196944
Latitude: 49.113584
Longitude: 8.508800
Latitude: 50.393810
Longitude: 9.018135
Latitude: 50.338502
Longitude: 8.254690
Latitude: 50.338502
Longitude: 8.254690
Latitude: 50.387778
Longitude: 9.245359
Latitude: 50.355833
Longitude: 9.055278
Latitude: 50.592778
Longitude: 8.856389
Latitude: 49.100285
Longitude: 8.973628
Latitude: 49.800000
Longitude: 9.000000
Latitude: 49.800000
Longitude: 9.000000
Latitude: 49.800000
Longitude: 9.000000
Latitude: 50.241389
Longitude: 9.167500
Latitude: 49.870154
Longitude: 8.926345
Latitude: 49.750000
Longitude: 8.866667
Latitude: 50.578077
Longitude: 9.262815
Latitude: 50.426028
Longitude: 8.864802