Red Deer, Alberta


Lutheran immigrants from Yagodnaya Polyana settled southwest of Red Deer in 1892. Large numbers of German settlers began arriving in 1894, most coming from Volhynia.

The area of South Red Deer Lake became known as the Bashaw area, and eventually a town was established there also.

Volga German Congregations: 

St. Peter Lutheran Church - Bashaw

Volga German Families: 

The following families are known to have settled in and around Red Deer:

Deines from Kratzke
Herlein from Semenovka
Lauer from Rothammel
Morasch from Yagodnaya Polyana
Richelhoff from Neu-Kolonie
Schewalje from Brabander
Stang from Volmer
Weinkauf from Volmer
Weinmeyer from Neu-Kolonie

Notable Individuals: 

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Pre-Volga Origin

Volga Colonies

Latitude: 49.955833
Longitude: 7.140000
Latitude: 48.553056
Longitude: 10.367500
Latitude: 50.359722
Longitude: 7.461667
Latitude: 50.592778
Longitude: 8.856389
Latitude: 49.618062
Longitude: 9.594612
Latitude: 49.800000
Longitude: 9.000000