Vegreville, Alberta

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Vegreville, Alberta

In the years 1893-1894 five families immigrated from Norka to the United States and from there to Canada, settling in the Stony Plain district near Edmonton, Alberta. More land became available in the west, so letters were sent to their homeland encouraging others to come to Canada, and in February 1899 an additional five families emigrated, arriving in Canada in April of that year.

Some of these immigrants moved to the east side of Edmonton, and settlement started south of Vegreville and north of Holden in the Martin's Post Office District. The roads for travel were but trails and there was no railway until 1905 when the Canadian Northern Railway was put through Vegreville and in 1909 the Grand Trunk Line was put through Holden.

Volga German Families: 

The following Volga German families settled in and around Vegreville:

Borgens from Alexanderdorf (North Caucasus)
Giebelhaus from Norka

Volga Colonies: 

Pre-Volga Origin

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