Vancouver, British Columbia

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Vancouver, British Columbia
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Volga German families settled in the metropolitan area of Vancouver, British Columbia.

Volga German Families: 

The following Volga German families have settled in the Vancouver metropolitan region:

Englehart from Warenburg
Feser from Schuck
Gartner from Volmer
Heiland from Preuss
Herr from Schwab
Hoffman from Müller
Huck from Huck
Kembel from Kolb
Kloster from Neu-Kolonie
Kuntz from Preuss
Macht from Köhler
Meier from Kolb
Prediger from Volmer
Propp from Hussenbach
Rolheiser from Husaren
Rothenberger from Hussenbach
Rowley from Husaren
Schaab from Kamenka
Schaffer from Liebental
Scheidt from Stahl am Tarlyk
Schira from Erlenbach
Schmidt from Volmer
Schwindt from Dreispitz
Sieben from Volmer
Stang from Volmer
Stuckert from Schwab
Ubell from Neu-Kolonie
Walters from Kamenka
Zubick from Neu-Laub

Pre-Volga Origin

Downtown Vancouver, BC - from Fairview (2015).
Source: David G. Gordon via Wikipedia Commons.

Volga Colonies

Latitude: 49.221944
Longitude: 6.807778
Latitude: 50.587222
Longitude: 8.551667
Latitude: 50.676111
Longitude: 8.861389
Latitude: 49.850000
Longitude: 7.866667
Latitude: 50.433333
Longitude: 6.416667
Latitude: 50.291695
Longitude: 9.829785
Latitude: 49.821389
Longitude: 8.699722
Latitude: 50.309444
Longitude: 9.790556
Latitude: 49.960278
Longitude: 9.772222
Latitude: 49.929722
Longitude: 8.313333
Latitude: 50.730833
Longitude: 9.001111
Latitude: 50.157778
Longitude: 8.988611
Latitude: 49.720914
Longitude: 8.992465
Latitude: 50.258365
Longitude: 9.296395
Latitude: 49.707951
Longitude: 7.666639
Latitude: 49.618062
Longitude: 9.594612
Latitude: 50.286296
Longitude: 9.111384
Latitude: 50.294255
Longitude: 9.029714