Grosswerder, Saskatchewan

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Grosswerder, Saskatchewan

Volga German families settled in the community of Grosswerder, Saskatchewan. They came primarily from the colonies of Schuck and Volmer.

Today, the primary reminder of the former community of Grosswerder is St. Anthony’s Catholic Church. The parish was established for the German Catholics who homesteaded the area between 1906 and 1907. Built in 1912, St. Anthony’s Church replaced a temporary church built out of sod.

Volga German Families: 

The following Volga German families settled in and around Grosswerder, Saskatchewan:

Beilman from Volmer
Brost from Volmer
Feser from Schuck
Gartner from Volmer
Herlein from Semenovka
Kohlman from Schuck
Krieger from Schuck
Mildenberger from Marienfeld
Prediger from Volmer
Rollheiser from Schuck
Rowein from Kamenka
Schachtel from Schuck
Schiebelbein from Schuck
Schonheiter from Neu-Kolonie
Sieben from Schuck
Stang from Volmer
Weinkauf from Volmer

Pre-Volga Origin

St. Anthony's Catholic Church - Grosswerder, Saskatchewan.
Source: Roman Catholic Diocese of Saskatoon.

Volga Colonies

Latitude: 53.735833
Longitude: 18.930833
Latitude: 49.850000
Longitude: 7.866667
Latitude: 49.900000
Longitude: 8.850000
Latitude: 49.955833
Longitude: 7.140000
Latitude: 49.960278
Longitude: 9.772222
Latitude: 49.488889
Longitude: 8.469167
Latitude: 50.730833
Longitude: 9.001111
Latitude: 49.618062
Longitude: 9.594612
Latitude: 49.800004
Longitude: 7.900414
Latitude: 49.808639
Longitude: 7.963158