Katharinenfeld, Caucasus

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Katharinenfeld, Caucasus
Luxemburg, Caucasus
Bolnisi, Bolnisi District, Georgia

Katharinenfeld was among those German colonies founded in the Caucasus in 1818 by 95 colonists from Swabia. Families from the Volga German colonies later relocated to Katharinenfeld as well.

In 1921, the colony was renamed Luxemburg after the German communist Rosa Luxemburg.

In 1941, all German descendants who were not married to Georgians were deported to Siberia and Kazakhstan.

Today, it is known as Bolnisi.

Pastors & Priests: 

The Lutheran parish in Katharinenfeld was served by the following pastors:

Friedrich "Heinrich" Wilhelm Keller (1889-1892)

Volga German Families: 

The following Volga German families are known to have settled in and around Katharinenfeld:

Thierbach from Fischer

Volga Colonies: 

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Pre-Volga Origin

Katharinenfeld in 1941.
Source: Wikipedia Commons.

Volga Colonies