Kurnayevka, Volgograd Oblast, Russia

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Kurnayevka, Volgograd Oblast, Russia
Курнаевка, Волгоградская область
Kurnajewka, Volgograd Oblast, Russia

Kurnayevka (Kurnajewka in German) was orginally a Khutor (farmstead) that grew into a village. It was inhabited primarily by former state peasants, mostly Russians and Little Russians (from southwestern Russia). By 1910, there were 1,486 people living in Kurnayevka. There were also 5 German families that lived there.

In the 1920s, when the Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic of the Volga Germans (ASSR-VG) was founded, Kurnayevka found itself located within the ASSR-VG boundaries in the Kanton of Seelmann. In the village were an Orthodox Church, a parochial school and a government school, 3 windmills [for grinding flour], and an oil press mill.

The ethnic Germans living in the village were deported following the 28 August 1941 resettlement decree.

Following the 1941 Deportation, Kurnayevka was reassigned to the Stalingrad Oblast (today the Volgograd Oblast).

Volga German Families: 

The following Volga German families lived in Kurnayevka:

Günther from Holstein

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