Berthoud, Larimer & Weld Co., Colorado

Includes the following communities: 
Hygiene, Boulder Co., Colorado
Berthoud, Larimer & Weld Co., Colorado

Berthoud was originally settled by miners involved in the Colorado Gold Rush in the early 1860s.  Farmers arrived shortly thereafter, and irrigation enabled the agricultural economy to flourish.

Volga German families settled in and around Berthoud.

Volga German Families: 

The following Volga German families settled in and around Berthoud, Colorado:

Adler from Kolb
Aschenbrenner from Norka
Borgens from Frank
Brill from Norka
Dechant from Ober-Monjou
Dreith from Beideck
Fagler from Norka
Frank from Dönhof
Gerk from Josefstal
Giebelhaus from Norka
Hagel from Norka
Hepp from Liebental
Hill from Walter
Hirschfeld from Pfeifer
Hohnstein from Norka
Holzmeister from Pfeifer
Luft from Beideck
Maul from Norka
Ostermiller from Beideck
Peppler from Hussenbach
Rutt from Kolb
Schell from Sewald
Starck from Anton
Starkel from Norka
Uhrich from Frank
Unrein from Ober-Monjou
Yeager from Norka

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