Eaton, Weld Co., Colorado

Includes the following communities: 
Eaton, Weld Co., Colorado
Lucerne, Weld Co., Colorado
Ault, Weld Co., Colorado
Nunn, Weld Co., Colorado

The town of Eaton is named after Benjamin Harrison Eaton, a pioneer in irrigation that increased agricultural production in the area. With the development of the sugar beet industry in Weld County, many Volga German families moved to the area from Kansas and Nebraska.

Volga German Congregations: 

Christ Lutheran Church

Volga German Families: 

The following Volga German families settled in and around Eaton, Colorado:

Achziger from Kolb
Asmus from Oberdorf
Bauer from Frank
Bender from Hussenbach
Bender from Kratzke
Buxman from Wiesenmüller
Case from Göbel
Dietz from Kratzke
Dorn from Walter
Eckhardt from Frank
Erbes from Dönhof
Fabrizius from Kratzke
Feit from Erlenbach
Felte from Grimm
Foose from Frank
Fritzler from Grimm
Gantz from Müller
Giesick from Walter
Heberlein from Walter
Hergenreter from Sewald
Hettinger from Dietel
Kling from Oberdorf
Konrade from Pfeifer
Laber from Susannental
Lapp from Frank
Laubhan from Shcherbakovka
Lindt from Dönhof
Loeffler from Grimm
Needens from Gnadentau
Ostermiller from Beideck
Pappenheim from Dönhof
Reinick from Frank
Riffel from Kana
Rutt from Kolb
Schmunk from Rosenberg
Schott from Grimm
Seilbach from Hussenbach
Stroman from Dietel
Weidenkeller from Norka
Weigand from Messer

Notable Individuals: 

Pre-Volga Origin

Volga Colonies

Latitude: 49.167595
Longitude: 8.375661
Latitude: 50.400833
Longitude: 9.239167
Latitude: 49.758889
Longitude: 9.982778
Latitude: 50.570833
Longitude: 9.236111
Latitude: 51.631111
Longitude: 9.459444
Latitude: 49.750000
Longitude: 8.833330
Latitude: 49.866667
Longitude: 9.800000
Latitude: 50.607778
Longitude: 8.786389
Latitude: 50.702524
Longitude: 9.651626
Latitude: 54.264722
Longitude: 10.145830
Latitude: 49.292500
Longitude: 6.535000
Latitude: 53.869722
Longitude: 10.686389
Latitude: 50.157778
Longitude: 8.988611
Latitude: 50.333308
Longitude: 9.711272
Latitude: 49.607500
Longitude: 7.873889
Latitude: 49.824444
Longitude: 8.846458
Latitude: 49.789167
Longitude: 8.958333
Latitude: 49.714861
Longitude: 8.839583
Latitude: 50.322500
Longitude: 9.123333
Latitude: 49.733285
Longitude: 8.774729
Latitude: 50.273889
Longitude: 9.095000
Latitude: 50.412745
Longitude: 9.007876
Latitude: 49.100285
Longitude: 8.973628
Latitude: 48.979669
Longitude: 8.988072
Latitude: 50.450000
Longitude: 9.916667
Latitude: 48.666384
Longitude: 7.940175
Latitude: 49.167719
Longitude: 8.892526