Fort Morgan, Morgan Co., Colorado

Fort Morgan, Morgan Co., Colorado

By the early 1900s Volga Germans from the Russian colonies of Anton, Dobrinka, Frank, Kautz, Kraft, and Yagodnaya Polyana had settled in and around Fort Morgan.

Volga German Families: 

The following Volga German families are known to have settled in or near Fort Morgan:

Achziger from Kolb
Alles from Walter
Amen from Frank
Arndt from Norka
Barthlama from Walter
Bath from Frank
Bauer from Frank
Bender from Kratzke
Bernhardt from Frank
Bohl from Huck
Brautigan from Kolb
Eckhardt from Kraft
Fabricius from Kratzke
Foos from Dietel
Frick from Frank
Fries from Hussenbach
Frihauf from Norka
Fuchs from Hussenbach
Geist from Kraft
Gettman from Frank
Graeb / Greb from Kraft
Greenwald from Frank
Heimbechner from Frank
Hein from Frank
Herdt from Eckheim
Hergenreter from Sewald
Hoffman from Frank
Kammarcal & Kammerzell from Frank
Kembel from Kolb
Kis(s)ler from Frank
Klein from Frank
Koch from Kolb
Kosman from Urbach
Krening from Walter
Krieger from Norka
Lauck from Beideck
Lebsack/Lebsock from Frank
Lesser from Frank
Linker from Walter
Loose from Kraft
Meininger from Kolb
Meng from Neu-Messer
Miller from Beideck
Muth from Grimm
Nab/Neb from Kraft
Needens/Niedens from Wiesenmüller
Nuss from Eckheim
Ostwald from Kautz
Schantz from Neu-Messer
Schillereff from Kolb


- USA Settlement List (Patricia Miller)

Pre-Volga Origin

Great Western Sugar Beet Factory in Fort Morgan, Colorado
Source: CSU Libraries Archives & Special Collections

Volga Colonies

Latitude: 50.742222
Longitude: 9.587222
Latitude: 50.465833
Longitude: 9.903333
Latitude: 49.650000
Longitude: 10.066667
Latitude: 52.892222
Longitude: 16.173611
Latitude: 49.292500
Longitude: 6.535000
Latitude: 53.869722
Longitude: 10.686389
Latitude: 51.512500
Longitude: 10.259722
Latitude: 50.199722
Longitude: 9.111389
Latitude: 50.655278
Longitude: 9.260278
Latitude: 50.229167
Longitude: 9.112500
Latitude: 49.607500
Longitude: 7.873889
Latitude: 49.421829
Longitude: 7.990619
Latitude: 49.820278
Longitude: 9.257222
Latitude: 49.824444
Longitude: 8.846458
Latitude: 49.842708
Longitude: 8.826458
Latitude: 49.842708
Longitude: 8.826458
Latitude: 50.425675
Longitude: 9.891911
Latitude: 50.318209
Longitude: 9.229098
Latitude: 49.100285
Longitude: 8.973628
Latitude: 49.573595
Longitude: 7.710573
Latitude: 50.450000
Longitude: 9.916667
Latitude: 50.450000
Longitude: 9.916667
Latitude: 50.362683
Longitude: 9.143540
Latitude: 50.287156
Longitude: 8.844207