Globeville (Denver), Denver Co., Colorado

Globeville (Denver), Denver Co., Colorado

Sallet reports that as early as 1885, Volga Germans were settling in the Globeville neighborhood of Denver, coming mostly from other Volga German settlements in the United States. By 1930 Globleville had an established settlement with well over 500 Protestant Volga German families from Norka, Beideck, Dobrinka, Dönhof and Frank along with 200 Roman Catholic Volga Germans mostly from the colony of Göbel.

Globeville was an independently incorporated as a town in 1891. In 1902, it was annexed into the city of Denver. The Globeville neighborhood northwest of downtown Denver was bisected and re-bisected by the construction of I-25 in 1958 and I-70 in 1964 which intersected in the heart of the neighborhood.

Volga German Families: 

The following Volga German families are known to have settled in and around Globeville:

Dreith from Beideck
Kammerzell from Frank

Notable Individuals: 

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Pre-Volga Origin

Globeville in Denver
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Ethnic Groupings, 1950
Globeville Neighborhood (Denver)
Source: Geographical Review, 1967.

Volga Colonies

Latitude: 50.465833
Longitude: 9.903333
Latitude: 50.229167
Longitude: 9.112500
Latitude: 49.709602
Longitude: 7.916762
Latitude: 48.566192
Longitude: 7.870432
Latitude: 49.509595
Longitude: 8.179546
Latitude: 50.254464
Longitude: 9.023556
Latitude: 50.502003
Longitude: 9.387028