Paul, Minidoka Co., Idaho

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Paul, Minidoka Co., Idaho

The first Volga Germans to arrive in the Paul, Idaho, area staked claims through the Homestead Act, but very few of those were successful because of the poor soil conditions.

When irrigation was started in the area, farming became possible and a sugarbeet industry grew up.

Later arrivals of Volga Germans came seeking work in this sugarbeet industry.

Volga German Families: 

The following Volga German families settled in and around Paul:

Amen from Walter
Gomer from Dönhof
Mai from Kratzke
Moore from Moor
Spreier from Dietel

Notable Individuals: 

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Paul Cemetery (

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Latitude: 49.585556
Longitude: 7.456389
Latitude: 49.851389
Longitude: 7.527222
Latitude: 49.820278
Longitude: 9.257222
Latitude: 49.842708
Longitude: 8.826458
Latitude: 49.167719
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