Sharon Springs, Wallace Co., Kansas

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Sharon Springs, Wallace Co., Kansas
Weskan, Wallace Co., Kansas

Sharon Springs was originally called Eagle Tail after the name of the creek running through the townsite, and traces its beginnings to 1869 when the railroad was being constructed across Wallace County. In 1886, the name was changed to Sharon Springs after the town in Schoharie Co., New York, from which the founders came.       

On the 1880 US Census, there are four Volga German men recorded as living in Wallace, working for the railroad, but it is believed that none of them ever really settled in the county. As early as 1922, there were Volga German families living in Wallace County and in the 1930s, a number of Volga German families moved to Wallace County, most from Ellis and Trego Counties in Kansas.       

For many decades, there was also a Mennonite community in Wallace County, Kansas.

Volga German Families: 

The following Volga German families are known to have settled in and around Sharon Springs:

Appelhanz from Rothammel
Basgall from Rothammel
Befort from Katharinenstadt
Bieker from Katharinenstadt
Blehm from Kratzke
Bohl from Huck
Brack from Schönfeld
Dechant from Pfeifer
Deines from Kratzke
Denning from Herzog
Depperschmidt from Schönchen
Dietz from Kratzke
Dinkel from Herzog
Dorzweiler from Katharinenstadt
Dreiling from Herzog
Engel from Ober-Monjou
Fabrizius from Kratzke
Foos from Friedenfeld
Herl from Wittmann
Kinderknecht from Mariental
Leiker from Ober-Monjou
Mader from Kamenka
Mai from Kratzke
Meis from Katharinenstadt
Pfannenstiel from Ober-Monjou
Pope from Schönfeld
Rohn from Yagodnaya Polyana
Rohr from Mariental
Roth from Kamenka
Rudell from Kukkus
Scheuerman from Yagodnaya Polyana
Schmidt from Pfeifer
Stegman from Pfeifer
Stramel from Marienfeld
Urban from Kamenka
Wasinger from Herzog
Wertz from Yagodnaya Polyana
Zimmerman from Schönchen

Notable Individuals: 

- Brent Mai
- The History of Wallace County, Kansas (1991).


Pre-Volga Origin

Sharon Springs, Kansas
(view from south)

Volga Colonies

Latitude: 54.441840
Longitude: 9.435464
Latitude: 49.650000
Longitude: 10.066667
Latitude: 50.145186
Longitude: 9.835674
Latitude: 50.581667
Longitude: 9.095833
Latitude: 49.292500
Longitude: 6.535000
Latitude: 49.960278
Longitude: 9.772222
Latitude: 49.488889
Longitude: 8.469167
Latitude: 49.050000
Longitude: 7.430000
Latitude: 48.104722
Longitude: 8.202778
Latitude: 49.966660
Longitude: 9.150000
Latitude: 49.966660
Longitude: 9.150000
Latitude: 54.033333
Longitude: 19.050000
Latitude: 50.417664
Longitude: 9.098934
Latitude: 49.421829
Longitude: 7.990619
Latitude: 50.302763
Longitude: 8.567866
Latitude: 49.842708
Longitude: 8.826458
Latitude: 50.225916
Longitude: 9.348606
Latitude: 49.196733
Longitude: 7.142494
Latitude: 49.196733
Longitude: 7.142494
Latitude: 50.225916
Longitude: 9.348606
Latitude: 50.592778
Longitude: 8.856389
Latitude: 49.800000
Longitude: 9.000000
Latitude: 49.573595
Longitude: 7.710573
Latitude: 50.454945
Longitude: 9.054878
Latitude: 49.727778
Longitude: 8.292222