Reno, Washoe Co., Nevada

Includes the following communities: 
Reno, Washoe Co., Nevada
Sparks, Washoe Co., Nevada

Volga German families have moved to the Reno, Nevada, area.

Volga German Families: 

The following Volga German families settled in and around Reno, Nevada:

Adler from Kolb
Appelhans from Rothammel
Asmus from Grimm
Barthuly from Balzer
Bruntz from Merkel
Dahmer from Beideck
Deer from Michaelsdorf (North Caucasus)
Goetz from Herzog
Graf from Louis
Heiser from Norka
Heit from Semenovka
Lebsack from Frank
Pfeifer from Herzog
Schleicher from Norka
Staab from Katharinenstadt
Stang from Volmer
Weigel from Herzog
Weltz from Katharinenstadt
Werth from Schönchen
Wolfe from Katharinenstadt

Pre-Volga Origin

Volga Colonies

Latitude: 49.796990
Longitude: 6.825950
Latitude: 53.532860
Longitude: 9.743070
Latitude: 50.445014
Longitude: 8.925147
Latitude: 51.066667
Longitude: 11.116667
Latitude: 50.241111
Longitude: 11.328056
Latitude: 54.264722
Longitude: 10.145830
Latitude: 49.474326
Longitude: 8.329176
Latitude: 50.225916
Longitude: 9.348606
Latitude: 50.225916
Longitude: 9.348606
Latitude: 50.225916
Longitude: 9.348606
Latitude: 49.618062
Longitude: 9.594612
Latitude: 50.218889
Longitude: 9.041667
Latitude: 50.241389
Longitude: 9.167500
Latitude: 49.727778
Longitude: 8.292222
Latitude: 50.233528
Longitude: 9.053444
Latitude: 50.534090
Longitude: 9.387404