Manitowoc, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin

Includes the following communities: 
Manitowoc, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin
Two Rivers, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin
Valders, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin
Cato, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin
Kingsbridge, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin
Newton, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin
Whitelaw, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin
Kossuth, Manitowoc Co., Wisconsin

Volga German families settled in and around Manitowoc, Wisconsin, including Two Rivers.

Volga German Families: 

The following Volga German families settled in and around Manitowoc, Wisconsin:

Ehler from Rosenheim
Eirich from Schwed
Gross from Mariental
Heili from Graf
Jacobi from Neu-Laub
Jorsch from Schäfer
Karlin from Katharinenstadt
Kunstmann from Reinhard
Leikam from Katharinenstadt
Leiker from Ober-Monjou
Matza from Rothammel
Meier from Schulz
Piefer / Pfeifer from Herzog
Sauermilch from Enders
Scheeler from Katharinenstadt
Walters from Katharinenstadt
Weigel from Herzog
Wiegand from Reinwald

Pre-Volga Origin

Volga Colonies

Latitude: 50.633333
Longitude: 10.166667
Latitude: 52.366667
Longitude: 4.900000
Latitude: 49.722278
Longitude: 7.653244
Latitude: 50.303889
Longitude: 9.298333
Latitude: 50.637778
Longitude: 9.394444
Latitude: 49.550000
Longitude: 8.666667
Latitude: 50.302763
Longitude: 8.567866
Latitude: 50.225916
Longitude: 9.348606
Latitude: 49.348056
Longitude: 8.691111