Appenfeld, Kr. Schwalm-Eder, Hessen

Since 31 December 1971, Appenfeld has been administratively part of the municipality of Knüllwald. Historically, the village has been divided into two parts: Oberappenfeld (upper Appenfeld) and Niederappenfeld (lower Appenfeld).

Appenfeld, Kr. Schwalm-Eder, Hessen
Oberappenfeld, Kr. Schwalm-Eder, Hessen
Niederappenfeld, Kr. Schwalm-Eder, Hessen

Aerial panorama of Appenfeld (2015). Oberappenfeld is pictured on the left.
Source: Ra Boe via Wikipedia Commons.

Pre-Volga Origin

Title: Kratzke
Latitude: 50.877000
Longitude: 45.227333