Langen-Bergheim, Kr. Main-Kinzig, Hessen

Höhenbergheim means the heights above Bergheim. Until 1820, the village was called only Bergheim. In 1820, it was joined with the adjacent village of Langen to become Langen-Bergheim. In 1970, Langen-Bergheimbecame administratively part of the municipality of Hammersbach.

Langen, Kr. Main-Kinzig, Hessen
Höhenbergheim, Kr. Main-Kinzig, Hessen
Bergheim, Kr. Main-Kinzig, Hessen
Langen-Bergheim, Kr. Main-Kinzig, Hessen

Protestant church in Hammersbach-Langen-Bergheim (constructed in 1751-52).
Source: Rudolf Stricker via Wikipedia Commons.

Pre-Volga Origin

Title: Frank
Latitude: 51.083333
Longitude: 44.816667
Title: Norka
Latitude: 51.165000
Longitude: 45.313333
Title: Messer
Latitude: 50.974667
Longitude: 45.551333
Title: Neu-Messer
Latitude: 51.053088
Longitude: 45.104377