Lohr am Main, Kr. Main-Spessart, Bayern

Historically, Lohr was controlled by the Archbishopric of Mainz. Today, it is located in the German State of Bayern (Bavaria).

Lohr am Main, Kr. Main-Spessart, Bayern

St. Michael's Parish Church in Lohr am Main (2005).
Source: Sven Treschke via Wikipedia Commons.

Pre-Volga Origin

Title: Pfeifer
Latitude: 50.640000
Longitude: 45.395000
Title: Josefstal
Latitude: 50.284333
Longitude: 45.084833
Title: Dehler
Latitude: 51.181500
Longitude: 45.919500
Title: Köhler
Latitude: 50.569500
Longitude: 45.383500
Title: Paulskaya
Latitude: 51.677616
Longitude: 46.687243
Title: Meinhard
Latitude: 51.817500
Longitude: 47.010100
Title: Kaneau
Latitude: 51.669412
Longitude: 46.772111