Maulbronn, Kr. Enz, Baden-Württemberg

The monastery at Maulbronn was founded in 1147 by the Cisterian Order under the jurisdiction of the Bishop of Speyer. A town grew up around the monastery which officially became a municipality in 1838. Today, the municipality of Maulbronn includes the villages of Maulbronn, Schmie, and Zaisersweiher and the deserted village of Hadandesheim.

Maulbronn, Kr. Enz, Baden-Württemberg

Maulbronn Monastery - from the courtyard (2017).
Source: H. Zell via Wikipedia Commons.

Pre-Volga Origin

Title: Dobrinka
Latitude: 50.312471
Longitude: 45.704846
Title: Neu-Weimar
Latitude: 50.028167
Longitude: 46.807500
Title: Enders
Latitude: 51.659500
Longitude: 46.550167
Title: Anton
Latitude: 51.037500
Longitude: 45.857500
Title: Preuss
Latitude: 50.862500
Longitude: 46.109667