Stangenrod, Kr. Gießen, Hessen

Today, Stagenrod is administratively part of the municipality of Grünberg.

The 1767 census records that one of the Kutscher families came from the German village of Atzenhain which is located about 2 kilometers northeast of Stangenrod, and just over the boarder into what today is Kreis Vogelsberg.

Stangenrod, Kr. Gießen, Hessen

Church in Stangenrod (2009).
Source: Doris Antony via Wikipedia Commons.

Pre-Volga Origin

Title: Frank
Latitude: 51.083333
Longitude: 44.816667
Latitude: 51.660700
Longitude: 46.836900
Title: Enders
Latitude: 51.659500
Longitude: 46.550167
Title: Rosenheim
Latitude: 51.666333
Longitude: 46.475500
Title: Basel
Latitude: 51.906833
Longitude: 47.206500