Storndorf, Kr. Vogelsberg, Hessen

Today, Storndorf is administratively part of the municipality of Schwalmtal.


The first church in Storndorf was completed in 1570. A new church was constructed in 1681. It was almost completely destroyed in 1727 and reconstruction was not completed until 1755. The architect was Johann Helfrich Müller. A renevation was completed from 1969-1971.

The steeple has an octagonal shape typical of the area and houses a clock and the belfry. The oldest bell dates to 1480.

The first organ was installed in 1819 by Johann Hartmann Bernhard. It was replaced in 1956 by a six-stop organ built by Paul Walcker. The current organ was built in 1972 by Förster & Nicolaus.

Storndorf, Kr. Vogelsberg, Hessen

Panorama of Storndorf.
Source: Wikipedia Commons.

Church in Storndorf (2023).
Source: Brent Mai.

Interior of the church in Storndorf (2023).
Source: Brent Mai.

Pre-Volga Origin

Latitude: 51.970333
Longitude: 45.604000
Title: Katharinental
Latitude: 50.972222
Longitude: 47.238889
Title: Schöntal
Latitude: 51.145500
Longitude: 47.418500
Title: Warenburg
Latitude: 50.926667
Longitude: 46.076000
Title: Grimm
Latitude: 50.886333
Longitude: 45.489333
Title: Wiesenmüller
Latitude: 50.636167
Longitude: 46.474500
Title: Walter
Latitude: 51.152333
Longitude: 44.804167
Latitude: 51.970333
Longitude: 45.604000
Title: Hockerberg
Latitude: 51.763250
Longitude: 46.939061
Title: Meinhard
Latitude: 51.817500
Longitude: 47.010100
Title: Basel
Latitude: 51.906833
Longitude: 47.206500