Weißenbach (Zeitlofs), Kr. Bad Kissingen, Bayern

Weißenbach is located in Lower Franconia on the border of Hessen and Bayern (Bavaria) - today on the Bavarian side of that border. Since 1 May 1978, Weißenbach has been administratively part of the municipality of Zeitlofs.

Weißenbach (Zeitlofs), Kr. Bad Kissingen, Bayern

The Lutheran Church in Weißenbach (2012).
Source: Wikipedia Commons.

Pre-Volga Origin

Latitude: 51.624667
Longitude: 46.521167
Title: Fischer
Latitude: 51.682333
Longitude: 46.606000
Title: Rosenheim
Latitude: 51.666333
Longitude: 46.475500
Title: Schwed
Latitude: 51.613500
Longitude: 46.499167
Title: Rosendamm
Latitude: 51.294554
Longitude: 47.839617