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Philipp Heinrich Appelhans, son of Johannes Rutger Appelhans & Anna Maria Schuster, was married in St. Lambertus Catholic Church in Bechtheim on 25 November 1738 to Anna Katharina Hueff, daughter of Johannes Georg & Anna Barbara Hueff. She was born ca. 1722 in Waldenbach (Bavaria?).       

Philipp Heinrich and Anna Katharina arrived from Lübeck at the port in Oranienbaum on 13 September 1766 along with three of their children, all of whom had been baptized in Bechtheim: Johann Nikolaus (baptized 3 September 1747), Johannes Peter (baptized 24 July 1750), and Maria Elisabeth (baptized 14 June 1754). Heinrich Appelhans died shortly after arriving in Russia and his widow married Johann Heinrich Kress. Johann Heinrich Kress and Anna Katharina Hueff arrived in Rothammel on 21 August 1767 along with Anna Katharina's children by her 1st husband. They are recorded there on the 1767 Census in Household No. 2.       

The parish record in Bechtheim records the marriage of Philipp Heinrich Appelhans and Anna Katharina Hueff in Latin:

"Die 25 Novembr. Praemissris trinis proclamationibus in festo S. Catharinae Virg. et martyrius Coram facie eccla. paroch. Bechth. matrimonius Saacramenta Devinius fuit honestus Adolescens Philippus Appelhans, Rudgeri Appelhans Civis kujatis honesti et Anna Maria conjug. fil. legit.: - cum pudica et virtuosa virginie Anna Catharina Hueffin, nata ex honesties parentibus Joes [for 'Johannes'] Gregorio Hueff p.m. [for 'piae memoriae'] et Anna Barbara conjugibus in Waldenbach Terridorius Smi Electorius - Principis Bavaria fuit hoc sponsa ancilla famula occonomica apud gratious D. D. Rheineck p duos annos in nro [for 'numero'] kujate oppido testes fuerunt Rodgerus Appelhans pater sponsi et Antonius Appellhans frater sponsi copulavit pastori ordinarius quorum Adoles. Matrium larga benedictione foecundet D: T.O. Maximus."

[Translation: "On November 25th [1738] on the feast of St. Catharine, virgin and martyr [this most likely refers to St. Catharine of Alexandria, whose feast day was originally celebrated on November 25th], after the proclamation of the marriage banns three times, the holy sacrament of matrimony was pronounced in the presence of many witnesses in the parish church of Bechtheim between the virtuous young man, Philipp Appelhans, legitimate son of the respected local citizen, Rudger Appelhans, and his wife, Anna Maria, and (with) the virtuous and respectable young maiden, Anna Catherina Hueff, born of the respectable parents, the affectionately-remembered [that is - recently deceased] Johannes Georg Hueff and his wife, Anna Barbara, in Waldenbach in [the territory of] the Elector and Leader of Bavaria; the bride was a servant and hand-maiden in the house of the beloved D. D. Rheineck for a period of two years; witnesses were Rudger Appelhans, father of the bridegroom, and Anton Appelhans, brother of the bridegroom; married by the ordinary pastor, D:T.O. Maximus, and may the marriage of these young people be filled with bountiful blessings."]

The 1834 census of Rothammel records that between 1816 and 1834, Martin Appelhans moved from Rothammel to Volmer. However, he does not appear on the 1834 census of Volmer. He is recorded on the 1850 census of Herzog (but is not there in 1834).


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