Beidnitz (Enders)

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Beitnitz (Enders)
Beidnitz (Enders)
Бейдницъ (Enders)
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Andreas Beidnitz, his wife Anna Maria, and sons Hans Christian, Hans Peter, and another Hans Peter settled in the Volga German colony of Enders.

Andreas died and his widow Anna Maria remarried to Georg Stenaben. They are recorded on the 1767 census of Enders in Household No. 29 along with the two sons named Hans Peter. Oldest son Hans Christian is recorded in Household No. 30.

The widow and children of Christian Beidnitz are recorded on the 1798 census of Enders in Household No. En32.

Konrad Beidnitz (age 6) appears on the 1834 census of Huck in Household No. 80 as the stepson of Johannes Völker who had married his mother on 19 January 1828. The 1811 census of Nieder-Monjou, the other colony in which a Beidnitz family settled, records only two Beidnitz men who could be the father of this Konrad, but both died well before Konrad was born. Therefore, the Johann Gottlieb Beidnitz who is recorded on the 1798 census of Enders may be the father of this Konrad who is recorded in Huck. However, the death of this Johann Gottlieb Beidnitz is not recorded in either Enders or Huck before the marriage of Konrad's mother to Johannes Völker.

Konrad Beidnitz and his family are recorded on the 1857 census of Huck in Household No. 171.

The 1767 census records that the Beidnitz family came from the village of Schleswig in the Holstein region.


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