Da(h)linger (Galka)

Spelling Variations: 
Dahlinger (Galka)
Dalinger (Galka)
Далингеръ (Galka)
Dallinger (Galka)
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Christianus Dahlinger, son of Johann Michael Dahlinger & Anna Catharina Dahlinger, was baptized in Langenalb on 3 January 1701. He married in Langenalb on 5 December 1724 to Maria Eva Weiß, daughter of Caspar Weiß & Eva Lehmann. She had been baptized in Langenalb on 25 January 1706.

Five children born to Christianus Dahlinger & Maria Eva Weiß are recorded in the parish register of Langenalb: (1) Anna Barbara, born 9 November 1726, died 5 October 1727; (2) Burcard Michael, born 11 October 1727; (3) Maria Eva, born 25 November 1731; (4) Maria Regina, born 8 March 1735; and (5) Anna Catharina, born 29 November 1737, died 12 May 1738.

Maria Eva Dahlinger née Weiß died 11 December 1737 in Langenalb.

Christianus Dahlinger remarried in Langenalb on 18 April 1739 to Regina Maria Schrägle, daughter of Melchior Schrägle & Maria Catharina Neumann. She was a twin born 7 February 1717 in Langenalb.

Nine children born to Christianus Dahlinger & Regina Maria Schrägle are recorded in the parish register of Langenalb: (1) Hans Caspar, born 14 September 1742, died 7 September 1744; (2) Christian, born 1 January 1745; (3) Sibylla, born 10 September 1746, died 8 June 1752; (4) Maria Catharina, born 19 August 1748, died 3 October 1749; (5) Maria Agnesia, born 1 September 1750; (6) Maria Catharina, born 13 January 1753, died 13 January 1753; (7) Rosina Barbara, born 13 January 1754; (8) Johann Michael, born 13 December 1755; and (9) Gottfried, born 8 February 1761. [There should also be a Georg born between 1755 & 1761, but he is not recorded in the Ortsfamilienbuch Langenalb.]

The Dalinger family immigrated first on 6 June 1763 to the colony of Flensburg in Denmark (Schleswig-Holstein) before immigrating to Russia.

Widow Maria Dahlinger and her children (Michael, age 12; Georg, age 9; Gottfried, age 6½) are recorded on the 1767 census of Galka in Household No. 39. Older son, Christian Dahlinger, his wife Elisabeth, and son Johann (age 2) are recorded there in Household No. 38. These Dahlinger families had arrived in Galka on 12 April 1766.

Christian Dahlinger and his family are recorded on the 1798 census of Galka in Household No. Gk07.

Michael Dahlinger and his family are recorded on the 1798 census of Galka in Household No. Gk18.

The children of Johann Jakob Dahlinger [presumed to be from Galka] are recorded on the 1798 census of Shcherbakovka in Household No. Sv37.

Gottfried Dahlinger from Galka and his family are recorded on the 1834 census of Kraft in Household No. 133.

Katharina Elisabeth Dahlinger and her brother Konrad from Shcherbakovka are recorded on the 1857 census of Rosenberg in Household No. 94.

[Earlier research recorded in the Ortsfamilienbuch Langenalb concluded that the Dahlingers that settled in the Volga German colony of Galka were the descendants of Johann Georg Dahlinger from Langenalb - by his two wives Maria Catharina Stelzer & Maria Catharina Wackenhut. This conclusion, however, has proven to be inaccurate. The descendants of Johann Georg Dahlinger did go to Russia, but settled in Saratovka near St. Petersburg where Maria Catharina Dahlinger Ulrich née Wackenhut died on 10 November 1793.]


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