Gette (Kaneau)*

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Gette (Kaneau)*
Гети (Kaneau)*
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Konrad Gette, a stocking maker, his wife Elisabeth, and daughters (Maria, age 7; Susanna, age 2) arrived from Lübeck at the port of Oranienbaum on 12 September 1766 aboard the English frigate Love & Unity under the command of Skipper Thomas Fairfax.

Joh. Conrad Kett, his wife Elisabeth, and daughters (Maria Margaretha, age 7; Susanna Jacobina, age 2½) are recorded on a list of colonists being transported from St. Petersburg to Saratov in 1767.

Konrad Gette, a farmer, his wife Elisabeth, and daughters (Maria, age 8; Susanna, age 3) are recorded on the 1767 census of Kaneau in Household No. 80. They had settled there on 3 August 1767.

The Oranienbaum passenger list records that Konrad Gette came from the German region of Nassau. The 1767 census records that he came from the German region of Nassau-Usingen.

There are no known surviving male lines of this Gette family among the Volga German colonies.


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