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Andreas Gomer was born on 11 August 1713 in Adelshofen, a small community west of Heilbronn. He married to Elisabetha Hofmann who was born in 1717.

They had four children, each born in Adelshofen: (1) Katharina Elisabetha, born 4 May 1741; (2) Katharina Margaretha, born 5 September 1743; (3) Johann Friedrich, born 15 July 1747; and (4) Johann Michael, born 20 August 1757.

Andreas and his family immigrated to Denmark (Schleswig-Holstein), departing from Altona, Duchy of Holstein, on 14 June 1762 under the leadership of Adam Saam. They arrived in the city of Flensburg, Duchy of Schleswig, on 16 June 1762.

Daughter Katharina Margaretha Gomer married Johann Georg Stromberger. [See Stromberger Family.]

Daughter Catharina [Elisabeth] Kohmer [Gomer]'s marriage to Johann Nicolai Rutz, believed to be the son of Johann Nikolaus Rutz, is recorded on the parish register of Grossenwiehe (Schleswig) on 14 November 1762. [See Rutz Family.]

All of them lived in Denmark until 27 April 1765; then they immigrated to Russia.

Andreas Gomer's family arrived in the Volga German colony of Dönhof on 21 July 1766. Andreas is recorded on the Dönhof census of 1767 census in Household No. 9; his son Johann Friedrich is registered on the same census in Household No. 48.

Andreas died at some point before 1798. His sons Johann Michael & Johann Friedrich are recorded on Dönhof 1798 census in Households No. Dh70 & Dh93.


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Andreas Gomer recorded on a marker in Schleswig commemorating the Volga Germans who had settled there before immigrating to Russia.
Source: Jorgelina Fischer.

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