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Kloster (Semenovka)
Клостеръ (Semenovka)
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Johann Adam Kloster was born on 27 September 1725 in the neighborhood of Dilshofen in Georgenhausen and was baptized in Georgenhausen on 30 September 1725. His father was Georg Heinrich Kloster (born 27 January 1700 also in Dilshofen) who married Anna Maria Bapsten on 18 February 1723 in nearby Reinheim. His grandparents were Johann Peter & Anna Sybillae Kloster.

Johann Adam Kloster married Maria Salome Zimmermann on 11 October 1746 in Georgenhausen. They have seven children, all born in Dilshofen and baptized in Georgenhausen: (1) Philippina Ernestina Kloster (born 9 January 1748); (2) Johann Adrian (born 18 August 1749, baptized 20 August 1749); (3) Johann Adam (born 19 February 1751; baptized 21 February 1751); (4) Anna Maria (born 2 July 1753, baptized 4 July 1753); (5) Anna Magdalena (born 13 April 1755, baptized 15 April 1755); (6) Johann Georg (born 1 November 1756, baptized 4 November 1756); and (7) Eva Maria (born 8 May 1760, baptized 11 May 1760).

Johann Adam, a farmer, his wife Maria Salome, and children (Ernestina, age 20; Johann Andrian, age 18; Johann Adam, age 16; Anna Maria, age 14; Helena, age 12; Georg, age 10; Eva Maria, age 7) arrived from Lübeck at the port in Oranienbaum on 15 September 1766 aboard the snow-brig Die Frau Dietrika under the command of the skipper Joachim Friedrich Luhn.

Johann Adam's wife died during the transport to the Volga German colonies and he remarried a lady named Margaretha (b. 1742, surname unknown). During this voyage, his daughter Ernestine was also married to colonist Valentin Rausch (b. 1729, Fulda). The family group arrived in Semenovka on 24 July 1767. There, Johann Adam and his second wife Margaretha have five children: (1) Matthias (b. 1768); (2) Anna Maria (b. 1772); (3) Margaretha (b. 1775); (4) Philipp (b. 1776); and (5) Katharina (b. 1782).

Johann Adam and his family are recorded on 1767 Semenovka census in Household No. 36. According to this census, the family is Catholic but their marriages and baptisms were recorded in the Evangelical [Lutheran] Church in Georgenhausen.

Johann Adam died before 1790 when his widow Margaretha remarried in Hildmann. His sons are recorded on the 1798 census in Semenovka in Household Nos. Se02, Se20, Se29, and Se36.


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Brent Mai

Transcription: Georg Henrich Kloster, Hl. Kleinschmidts Hoffmann zu Dilshofen, und Anna Maria dessen ehl. Haußfraw einen jungen Sohn gebohren. d. 27 t. 7tbr. Zwischen 2 u. 3 morgens. getaufft d. 30 t. ejusd. Dom. 18p. Tr. gevatter war Johann Adam Pabst, Johann Jost Pabst, Hochfürstl. Hessig. Deichmans u. Feldschützen auf dem Reinheimer Deich ehl. Sohn. Name Johann Adam.
Translation: A son was born to Georg Heinrich Kloster from Dilshofen, estate manager of Mr. Kleinschmidt, and his wife Anna Maria on September 27, between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. He was baptized on the 30th of the same month, the 18th Sunday after Holy Trinity. His godfather was Johann Adam Pabst, the legitimate son of the princely Hessian pond manager and field guard Johann Jost Pabst, living by the Reinheimer pond. The child’s name is Johann Adam.
Source: Max Weinbinder

Transcription: Den 11ten 8br. wurde Johann Adam Kloster, des Georg Heinrich Klosters, Kleinschmidtschen Hoffmanns in Dielshoffen ehl. lediger Sohn, mit Maria Salome, Joh. Jacob Zimmermanns, Einwohners in Habitzheim, ehelich ledigen Tochter, beyde religionis pontifica, post trinam proclamationem ehelich copuliert. Textus Nuptialis Ps. CXI, 10 Die Furcht des Herrn ist die Weißheit p.
Translation: On October 11th, Johann Adam Kloster, the unmarried son of the estate manager of Mr. Kleinschmidt Georg Heinrich Kloster from Dilshofen, was married to Maria Salome, unmarried daughter of Joh. Jakob Zimmermann, resident of Habitzheim, after three public announcements. Wedding text was Psalm 111, verse 10 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom etc.
Source: Max Weinbinder

Entry from the 1767 census recording the family of Johann Adam Kloster in Household No. 36.
Source: Andrés Emiliano Platner.

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