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There are 2 Kober families from the German village of Kleingartach that immigrated to Denmark before going to Russia. Their relationship to each other, if any, needs further research.

(1) Michael Kober married Elisabetha Catharina Mauderer, daughter of Christoph Mauderer & Agnes Catharina Daub. Elisabetha Catharina had been born 10 July 1738 and baptized in the Evangelical Church of Kleingartach, a village about 25 kilometers west of Heilbronn. During the governmental consolidations of 1971-72, it became part of the municipality of Eppingen.

The Kobers had a daughter, Rosina Sara, who was born 7 May 1761 and baptized 8 May 1761 in the same church.

Michael Kober and his family immigrated to Denmark (Schleswig-Holstein), first travelling to the gathering point of Altona in the duchy of Holstein. They departed from there on 14 June 1762 under the leadership of Adam Saam. They arrived in the city of Flensburg, Duchy of Schleswig, on 19 June 1762.

The family remained in Denmark until 12 January 1765 when they joined one of the immigrant groups headed for Russia.

They were settled in the Volga German colony of Grimm where they are recorded on the 1775 census in Household No. 56.

Michael Kober, his son Philipp Michael, and their families are recorded on the 1798 census of Grimm in Household No. Gm084.

In 1792, Christoph Peter Kober, son of Michael Kober, moved to Franzosen where he is recorded on the 1798 census of Franzosen in Household No. Fz22.

Heinrich Kober, son of Philipp Michael Kober, and his family are recorded on the 1834 census of Susannental in Household No. 15.

(2) Konrad Kober was also from Kleingartach and also immigrated to Denmark and then on to Russia with Michael Kober.

Konrad Kober and his family settled in the Volga German colony of Reinwald on 14 July 1766. They are recorded there on the 1767 census in Household No. 9.

Konrad Kober and his family are recorded on the 1798 census of Reinwald in Household No. Rw50.

The death of Konrad Kober in 1805 is recorded on the 1811 census of Reinwald in Household No. Rw50.

Wilhelm & Christoph Kober, sons of Konrad Kober, are recorded on the 1811 census of Reinwald in Household No. 50 along with a note that they relocated to the colony of Schäfer in 1799.


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