Loos (Kutter)

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Loos (Kutter)
Лозъ (Kutter)
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Steinberger's list of those immigrating to Russia from Leisenwald includes the Loos families that settled in the Volga German colony of Kutter.

Several Loos families immigrated to Russia arrving from Lübeck at the port of Oranienbaum on 8 August 1766.

(1) Johann Peter Loos, a farmer, and his wife Katharina arrived in Oranienbaum.

(2) Johann[es] Loos, a farmer, and his wife Anna [Loos] arrived in Oranienbaum. Johannes Loos from Leisenwald & Anna Maria Loos, daughter of Sebastian Loos, from Leisenwald had been married in Büdingen on 3 May 1766.

(3) Sebastian Loos, a widowed farmer, and his daughter Elisabeth (age 22) arrived in Oranienbaum.

(4) Johann Loos, a single farmer, arrived in Oranienbaum.

They settled in the Volga German colony of Kutter on 8 July 1767 & 29 July 1767 and are recorded there on the 1767 Census in the following households:

Johannes in Household No. 2 (arrived on 8 July 1767)
Johann Peter in Household No. 64 (arrived on 29 July 1767)
Elisabeth (daughter of Sebastian) in Household No. 20, married to Andreas Reifschneider

In addition, the marriage register of Büdingen records that Johannes Reifschneider from Leisewald [sic] & Anna Katharina Loos from Leisewald [sic] were married on 3 May 1766 at the church in Büdingen.


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