Maul (Schilling)

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Maul (Schilling)
Мауль (Schilling)
Моль (Schilling)
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Andreas Maul, a son of Johann Peter & Anna Maul, was baptized on 28 January 1705 in the Evangelical Church in Nieder Modau, 12 kilometers southeast of Darmstadt. He married Anna Margaretha Glaser, a daughter of Michael Glaser, on 4 February 1734 in the same church.      

They had six known children with Nos. 1, 2 & 3 baptized in Nieder Modau, and Nos. 4, 5 & 6 in Neunkirchen, a district of Modautal, also in Hesse: (1) Philipp Ludwig, on 7 November 1734; (2) Maria Catharina, on 12 October 1736; (3) Johann Georg, on 5 July 1739; (4) Johann Michael, on 5 September 1742; (5) Maria Catharina, on 25 July 1745; and (6) Johann Philipp, on 16 March 1749.      

Andreas Maul and five of their six children emigrated to Denmark. They departed from Altona, Duchy of Holstein, about 26 April 1760 divided in two convoys under the leadership of Jorgen Martin Beydeck, Johann Stautz, Anthoni Paul, and Valentin Jeckel. The convoys arrived in Fridericia, Jutland, on 1 May 1760. This family remained in Denmark until 26 Apr 1763.      

Son Johann Ludwig, along with his wife and their children Nicolaus, Anna Margaretha, and Peter Conrad, and his brothers Johann Georg, Johann Michael, & Johann Philipp moved to Russia and settled in the Volga German colony of Schilling. They are recorded there on the 1775 census in Households No. 10, 12, 17, & 52.

On the 1798 Census, Johann Ludwig is recorded in Schilling in Household No. Sg16, Johann Georg is recorded in Household No. Sg52, Johann Michael is registered in Household No. Sg12, and Johann Philipp is recorded in Household No. Sg10.


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