Stoll (Grimm)

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Stoll (Grimm)
Штоль (Grimm)
Stohl (Grimm)
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Johann Georg Stoll and his wife Anna immigrated to Denmark (Schleswig-Holstein), arriving in the city of Schleswig on 30 May 1761.

They left the Danish colonies on 1 May 1765 and joined the migration to Russia.

They settled in the Volga German colony of Grimm and are recorded there on the 1775 Census of Grimm in Household No. 12.

Heinrich Stohl from Grimm and his family are recorded on the 1857 census of Erlenbach in Household No. 53.

The Eichhorns record that Johann Georg Stoll came from the German Margravate of Baden-Durlach.


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